Ultralock T

ULTRALOCK T - High Security Electronic Lock for Trucks and Cargo Containers

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ULTRALOCK – T is a robust harsh weather resistant electronic lock for all sorts of mobile security applications; protecting and securing a high number of different assets such as in transit cargo; critical and high value equipment, vulnerable door access, etc.
Through the use of a stainless steel Electronic Wire Rope and strong magnets, ULTRALOCK T quickly installs into virtually any type of truck, cargo container, trailer, tanker truck, and detects the Lock´s opening, wire rope cutting o tampering to alert of any unauthorized intrusion attempts. It unlocks remotely through air commands or the use of RFID cards and Bluetooth App. It works together with a robust telemetry devise GV600 manufactured by Queclink and specially customized with a large capacity lithium rechargeable battery (19,200mAh) with an excellent stanby time (up to a year).
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About Us

Innovalogistics Inc, is a Holding that brings together Latin American companies that represent the talent and innovation that characterizes our region and that stands out widely throughout the world.

The solutions that we have developed over the last 30 years fills us with pride and motivates us to continue growing and expanding, with the commitment to maintain our leadership through products and services that provide security, peace of mind and comfort to our customers that, continue to grow with us.

Our factory, strategically located in Bogotá, Colombia, allows us to have convenient logistics operations base to provide timely service to our customers in Latin America.

Our close relationships with important manufacturers of telemetry equipment such as QUECLINK has allowed us to generate strategic alliances and products with cutting-edge technology, maintaining the high levels of innovation that characterize us.

Main Characteristics


Nylon Coated, Stainless Steel Electronic Wire Rope with advanced tampering and cutting detection system, available in different lengths.


High capacity 19,200mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery


Queclink´s 3G/2G and 4G/2G Telemetry device inside.


Massive and rugged design, IP67 weather protection, uses thick rubber chassis to make the Lock virtually indestructible.


Optional Hardware installation to increase security in Cargo Containers and Trailers.


Bluetooth connection to temperature/humidity sensors (optional).


Electronic remote Unlocking mechanism, through air command as well as RFID Card and Bluetooth App.


Different reports available such as periodic position reports, movement, Open / Closing, tampering, speeding, battery level and different Energy Saving Regimes with variable frequency reporting depending on movement.


1. Charging Port

Charging port with inverse polarity protection.

2. Buzzer

Sound indicator about the seal´s opening/closing state and possible malfunctioning.

3. Rubber Chassis

It protects the seal from harsh impacts.

4. Magnetic Base

Strong Neodymium magnets help install and strongly attach the seal in steel surfaces.

5. LED Telemetry Indicators

They show connectivity status as well as GPS signal and battery level.

6. Electronic Stainless Steel Wire Rope

A Nylon coated 3/16” gauge (1/4” including the coating) stainless steel Electronic Wire Rope is the main and the most important Seal´s components since it enables the system to detect the rope´s cutting or tampering. Using a clever technical solution, it is immune to any attempt to fool the system by trying to cut the rope using a bridging approach.

7. LED Seal State Indicators

They indicate the seal´s state (open/closed/tampered) as well as the RFID and Bluetooth operation through APP.

8. RFID Card

Backup Access Control System through RFID Cards.

Technical Specifications




containers (Dry Van - Reefers)

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High Value

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Ultralock T

High Security Electronic Lock for Trucks and Cargo Containers

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